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Top 5 Haircare Essentials!

As you may already know, here at STRAIGHTLOX we specialize in haircare.

We EAT, BREATHE & SLEEP haircare. So for you fellow hair besties, we have made a list of

5 CHEAP HAIRCARE ESSENTIALS TESTED & TRIED BY US, that any hair lover needs. These items will ENSURE you have the SILKIEST, HEALTHIEST, & FRIZZ FREE hair you have always dreamed of. These ZERO EFFORT items will absolutely CHANGE your hair and scalp, without having to put any effort! With these tools, you can rock your healthier hair with confidence!



Scalp massagers are the latest must-have beauty tool, so if don't have one yet, you'll want to get your hands head on one ASAP. They're incredibly relaxing and help exfoliate your scalp, and unclog pores, which allows more nutrients to get to the follicle for healthier, stronger hair.

We LOVE the BRIOGEO cause it can be used on wet & dry hair. IF you're looking to kiss dandruff goodbye & have a Scalpgasm, TRY IT. An extra perk is that it comes with a string to hang up in your shower!!!


2. SILK Pillowcase & Scrunchies,

What can silk do for you? There are plenty of benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. The properties of silk soothe your skin, keep you cool, and leave you with healthier hair.

If you are looking for:

  • Reduced frizz

  • Less breakage

  • Fewer tangles

  • Silkier strands

Try THESE Silk products.


3. TURBAN Hair Wrap

This is EVERY haircare lover's TOP GUN!

Why? because we've come to realize that ordinary towels may be good for the body but are WAY TOO HARSH on our precious locks. Regular towels cause breakage & frizz.

This turban has been in our family for years. Yes, my hubby uses it too!

If you want to reconsider how you dry your hair, try THIS turban.


4. Detangling Brush with ROUND BRISTLES & ergonomic fit

Round bristle brushes work by increasing blood circulation to your scalp. It is an excellent tool for HAIR GROWTH.

If you are looking to grow your hair fast and maintain a healthy scalp,

try THIS hairbrush.


5. If you use heat tools, use the blowdry brush.

My OG Hair Besties know that all you need is a Straightlox Smoothing treatment and a blow-drier to have silky, straight & STUNNING hair. SO we must update the toolset. NOW it's a STRAIGHTLOX Smoothing Treatment & a blowdrying round brush. WHY? The brush distributes heat evenly securing your hair from excessive heat. Also, the brush gives you a bouncy, salon blowout look. It's the million-dollar hair combo baby!

We use and recommend the OG REVLON BLOWDRY BRUSH.


We hope you enjoyed our expert hair recommendations. We do this for the love of healthy, hair, and happy confident women & men!

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